PRODUCTS: J2K Escalator FAQs

Stellar Science presents J2K Escalator, an Adobe Photoshop File Format Plug-in that allows you to read JPEG 2000 imagery directly into Photoshop and other host image processing applications.

Does J2K Escalator work with REALLY big JPEG 2000 images?

Yes, but not all host applications do. Photoshop CS2, for example, has a very sophisticated scheme for caching very large images, and performs very well with the large J2K images we have tested it with. The largest image the J2K Escalator team tested contained over 3.5 billion pixels and was highly compressed (file size less than 400 MB). J2K Escalator read the imagery one block at a time and passed the information to Photoshop. Because of the size and compression level, the process was painfully slow, but it does show that there are few (if any) practical limits to the size of JPEG imagery that will work with J2K Escalator.

Photoshop Elements 5.0 does not perform quite as admirably. It can handle fairly large files, but we found that it started to have trouble when the images got to be around 30000x16000 pixels. Please feel free to download the free trial version of J2K Escalator to see how well your host application works with the J2K files that you care about.

What versions of Photoshop has J2K Escalator been tested on most?

  • Photoshop CS2
  • Photoshop CS3
  • Photoshop CS4 (32 bit version)
  • Photoshop Elements 5.0
  • Photoshop Elements 6.0
  • Photoshop Elements 7.0

The 64 bit version of Photoshop CS4 is not currently supported. Please contact us if you have interest in 64 bit support.