Stellar Science has an extensive array of scientific and software engineering capabilities, which we apply to provide scientific computing, modeling, and visualization tools and products that are tailored to your specific needs. We employ state-of-the-art software engineering methodologies, emphasizing light-weight process and proven technologies:

  • Small-team iterative development, emphasizing agility to accommodate evolving requirements.
  • Object-oriented design, to keep data and algorithms together.
  • Code reuse by intelligent refactoring, to create generalized libraries.
  • Code sharing, to facilitate parallel distributed development.
  • Configuration control, to track who changed what, why, and when.
  • Cross-Platform Development, to protect your investment no matter what operating system you might choose in the future.
  • Distributed Software Development, to enable secure collaboration by geographically distributed software developers and customers.

Two characteristics in particular make us unique. First, we are engineers and scientists with programming skills acquired by experience; our combination of domain expertise and software development abilities is rare in these days of ever-more-specialized technical education.

Second, we offer customers the option to become full members of the development team for their project. This option is made feasible by our distributed software development technology. The benefits include the opportunity to leverage your own unique skills, be they in the application domain or in software development, and the chance to bring the final product nearer to your true needs through close involvement in the iterative software development process.

For more information, our one-page Company Capabilities Summary (PDF) describes how Stellar Science can develop leading-edge software for your company or organization. Please contact us to discuss how Stellar Science can help with your projects.